Why Onision is Wrong (W.O.W) — I follow Shiloh on Instagram and can confirm she’s…

Subscriber Account active since. This is nothing new. Though now, it seems, the controversial personality is watching himself become the digital pariah of the year and reacting accordingly. Chris Hansen, known best for the popular television show “To Catch a Predator,” has found a new home on YouTube and his first task is unfolding the story of Onision allegedly grooming underage fans with the aid of his spouse Kai Avaroe, known previously as Lainey. Onision originally became famous for making a parody video called Banana Song I’m a Banana that gained traction after being shown on the television show “Tosh. The video, with over 77 million views as of the writing of this article, is simply Onision jumping around screaming in a banana suit — but it was enough to skyrocket him to mid-level internet fame. These days Onision is best known for his objectifying content and controversial reputation. He rates pictures that women submit to him, gives his opinions on their bodies , and comments on other YouTubers. Onision’s content often leaves viewers with a particular ick-factor.

Controversial Youtubers: Onision

Weaved within the cultural fabric of YouTube is every base archetype. But for every Hero, Jester, Sage and Ruler, there must be a trickster, the bad guy we love to hate. Before Rebecca Black and before suggested video feeds were boiling over with Reply Girls, there was Greg Jackson, or as you may know him — Onision. Jackson is and continues to be one of the most reviled creators online.

He has publicly feuded with some of the biggest creators on YouTube while documenting various personal relationships imploding upon themselves with unflinching transparency. How did he get there?

Shiloh was another example of Greg dating a fan. Shiloh found his videos, thought he was funny, they met, started dating, and that’s when it went.

Draculoh 2 minutes ago 1. Yes, I indeed DID have a sepsis infection. I had a sepsis infection. Having sexual relations with a dog. Now in all honesty this make s me laugh so hard, it makes no sense. This is all because the dog bit me while I was bent over making the bed and the wounded area happened to be my private parts and my inner leg. Memory Loss Yes I did lose 3 years of my memory because of a horrible panic attack which sent me into a past traumatic stress shutdown of sorts.

Yes the video is real, why he thought to turn the camera on right away I have no idea, I found it cruel…. I hope no one has to suffer the depression and post traumatic psychosis I experienced. I had a few close friends who know some low people who were after my ex for hurting me. Me having the police called on me and threatening to kill myself. Stealing money from my ex.

I never stole money from him, he sent me to Canada when I did not want to go because he did not want to pay for USA health care for my infection.

Onision: The Definitive Timeline Of YouTube’s Perfect Villain

Okay so where to be begin? Sadly I had to work today and missed ALL of this. Lets start from the beginning shall we? As you recall, this morning there was this post from Shiloh:.

Shiloh – Singer Greg dated from late to early Began dating when she was 17 and Greg was Very publicly turbulent and controversial relationship.

Shiloh singer has been engaged to Gregory Jackson – Shiloh singer is a 27 year old Canadian Musician. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Shiloh singer is a member of the following lists: Canadian female singers , Canadian pop singers and Canadian singer-songwriters. Help us build our profile of Shiloh singer! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Shiloh Hoganson born April 25, , previously known mononymously as Shiloh and currently performing under the stage name Lyldoll, is a Canadian pop and trap singer and songwriter.

She also has a Mezzo-Soprano vocal range. Gregory Jackson and Shiloh singer were engaged for 5 months. They dated for 8 months after getting together on 28th Dec They were engaged in Sep but later separated in Jul Someone please fix her page. That pic is hideous and that is not her last name.

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Most of you know of Onision as a popular YouTuber who has made several comedy skits and videos commentating on trends. His spouse Kai, who was formerly known as Laineybot Real name Taylor. His real name is Greg, although he has recently had it changed to James most likely to avert attention from himself during an investigation of himself. You may know of his arguably most popular and controversial relationship prior to Kai, which was with a girl name Shiloh.

Anonymous said: I follow Shiloh on Instagram and can confirm she’s a Let’s face it, there’s a reason he hasn’t had much luck dating women.

The public is calling on social media sites to deplatform Gregory Jackson — known online as Onision — after multiple women accused him of grooming and emotional abuse that began when they were teenagers. Onision denies the allegations and blames the backlash on “cancel culture,” but given his past reactions to controversy , he may be playing into the spotlight. To ensure he stops leveraging his influence over teenagers, he should be kicked off YouTube where he has a collective 5.

YouTube’s policies may not directly ban his wrongdoing, but that just highlights the limitations of the company’s self-imposed rules. Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to offer paid subscriptions to their content, banned Onision just before Thanksgiving for doxxing one of the women who spoke out against him. He tweeted screenshots of texts between himself and YouTuber Billie Dawn Webb, one of which displayed Webb’s phone number.

The Verge confirmed that the screenshots violated Patreon’s Bullying and Harassment Policy, even though it didn’t happen on Patreon itself. Before he was banned, Onision had about Patreon supporters. The ban, though, follows years of Onision’s inappropriate involvement with teenage fans. At least six women have publicly spoken out about his online harassment and emotional abuse, the Verge reports. In the past few months, Twitter users have been calling for YouTube to ban Onision through the campaign DeplatformPredators.

It’s being spearheaded by his ex-girlfriend Shiloh Hoganson, who was featured on his channel around

I can’t — Onision vs Alleged Ex-Classmate Part 2: cheating…

Table of Contents: 1. The letter Adrienne wrote that was released, with some parts she requested be blocked out. And watching.

Onision vs Shiloh AKA Shitstorm ! you to my OTL friends for keeping me up to date and taking screen shots. Shiloh has moved on and I’m still single!

Hey guys, Onisatsu18 here back with another rant. This is the first official rant of Technically, the Zarna Joshi rant is, but she was a topic. So what you can tell from this behaviour, is that Onision is a huge bigot. Yes, this loser actually thought it was good idea to go in military. But because, fucking spoilers here, you actually have to learn to survive in the military, one of the disciplines was how to kill a wabbit.

But, Greg dumb as shit actually refused, which ended up getting him stationed in South Korea. If it had been Best Korea he would probably have learned a thing or two about right from wrong. After having served, this crybaby started his YouTube channel as a way of dealing with all the emotional distress he had to bear. But it is all a lie, and he was kicked off for other reasons, that are not known. They probably realized that he was too mental to ever much of a faggot be in the military.

To sum it up, the cuck joined the military, was too much of a pussy to do survival training, and was stationed in South Korea as a demotion, I guess.

Why is Onision (24 yrs) dating a 17 yr old? (Shiloh)?

Whoever said that Women can NOT be sexual predators is dead wrong on multiple levels. Predatory behavior does NOT discriminate against anyone. A grown woman going after young boys is just as disgusting and vile as a grown man preying on teenage girls. Sometimes these predators and pedophiles have big platforms on social media and other video streaming sites like youtube. From Wishing death on Selena Gomez, to encouraging Pete Davidson to commit suicide, from everything to slandering Megan Markle and going as far as disrespecting Korean Culture as a whole!

Shiloh forgot me (Onision video). Dan Spinks Onision And Shiloh (My Girlfriend Is Beautiful). Onision Shiloh & Onision: Still Not Dating.

Also, the loner was part of high school clubs huh? But I digress. Cyr and Shiloh have admitted to this. Cyr says that on a night he and Skye went to the hospital, he knew Greg was skyping with Shiloh. Adrienne and Greg were in a mostly Skype relationship and he considers them to have been dating during that time, so to him, long distance dating is a true form of dating. Therefore he was cheating on Skye with Shiloh. Shiloh has also confirmed this was at age 16 and he drove her to a state that was legal.

This violates the Mann Act that prevents people from taking advantage of the different state statutory rape laws as he did. You scare your attempts to cheat with away. But go on sir. Back to Social Repose, but what he did was insane, but we all know it was real.

When will YouTube ban Onision?

Is this new info? Elaine was his dead middle name, right? Edit: Link to the article. Is he going to sell the Dahvie Vanity story too?

Throughout his YouTube career, Onision (Gregory Daniel Jackson) has While Greg was dating his now ex-girlfriend Shiloh, there was a point.

Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. Shiloh was another example of Greg dating a fan. One video that Greg took of her there are actually multiple, but this ones the most popular she lost three years of her life due to PTSD.

At first, I thought this video was fake. I thought Greg was doing it because it would get him more popularity because drama attracts people. When someone is having a seizure, whether you know the cause or not, you need to take them to the hospital. This next part is one that kills me because he defended Shiloh and pretended to be oh so loving about it only to make fun of it 4 years later.

When she publicly asked him not to, seen here;. There he goes, being manipulative and controlling again. Four years. Four years she went haunted by the memories of abuse from him, and four years later he decides to fire up old drama and try to make himself relevant again. He does realize that memory loss is actually a side effect of PTSD right?

Shiloh Hoganson

By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics. App Store. Google Play. Okay so let me explain to you why this man is a sociopath.

She dated YouTube personality Onision. Shiloh has not shared about She’s parents name. Our team currently working, we will update Family, Sibling, Spouse.

A timeline dedicated to Greg’s relationships throughout his adult life. Kai’s timeline has been broken off into a separate article for clarity. Skye notices Greg for the first time in their high school computer class. Greg did not notice her. Skye is a year younger than Greg. Greg and Skye begin a relationship. Skye’s younger sister, Netunesa gets intoxicated at a party at age According to her, Greg sat next to her and tried to kiss her.

Greg makes a blog post addressing someone called “Sabi,” who is believed to be Skye’s mother. The response came from Sabi allegedly telling Skye to “be careful” around Greg because of his anger. Greg claims that when he argues with Skye, he is trying to “teach her something. After graduating from boot camp, Greg proposes to Skye so she can accompany him as he is deployed.

When he asks her to sign a prenuptial agreement, he alleges that she cried.

Why Did YouTuber Onision Call 911 On Chris Hansen?

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Shiloh clearly believes in medical intervention, but she never went to the doctor Onision is what made her relevant in the context of lolcow. was a race traitor for dating a white woman, robin williams groped women on set.

Poor little guy has lied so many times he can remember the truth. This can include ignoring phone calls, text messages, VMs etc.. They will then tell their partner that if they want to get back together, they must agree to certain conditions. This is where the control comes into play. These manipulation breakups typically occur several times throughout the relationship. Now I will say this: Onion man’s daughter falling out of the window was the first time I’ve ever heard about his kids, which Maybe I just live under a rock, but I’m glad he isn’t one of those people who puts his children on camera constantly.

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